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Mice & Rats

One pest that is common all over the Northeast area is rodents. Specifically, mice and rats are plentiful, and we receive calls for this pest all year long. New construction in an area along with population growth are factors in the increase of rodents. For example, all you have to do is google rats in New York City and you will see endless information on how rats have adjusted to life in the city and the population has exploded over the last 15 years.

A house mouse is the most common that we deal with, but we also see deer mice in sheds and garages in this area. We are here to help!
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Mice are a big issue in homes and businesses because of the amount of breeding that can be done. A female mouse will average 5 to 8 young per litter and each one can give birth to 8 litters. Mix that with the average life span of a mouse to be 2-3 years and you can see how a small issue can turn into a huge infestation in a short period of time. A house mouse is the most common that we deal with, but we also see deer mice in sheds and garages in this area. A typical house mouse will produce up to 36,000 droppings per year so its not uncommon in an attic or basement ceiling to notice large amounts of droppings.

Destructive Rodents

Rats are very caution compared to mice and are primarily a nocturnal animal. They too can have 8-9 babies and have several litters each year. Their gnawing can be much more extensive than mice and the dropping are normally found in corners of the garage or basement and are the size of coffee beans. They are superb swimmers and climbers so in a commercial setting they can adapt and thrive in most buildings.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few things you can do to help control rodents on your property. Habitat modification is a huge one – make sure high grass areas around your home is cut low and no clutter or piles of sticks and debris are nearby. Check you’re A/C line that comes inside the house from the unit – it is the number one place we see mice enter a structure. Check the bottom of your garage door that it seals properly and once again lose the clutter that tends to build up in there. Finally, check the four corners under the siding and look around for other pipes and wires coming into your home and seal them up as needed.

As always, If you need help addressing this pest just call our office at 234-571-1203 and we can help.


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