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Mice in Cuyahoga Falls, Stow and Akron Ohio

  • By Dave Novak
  • 12-20-2022

As the temperature drops in late November the amount of rodent calls we receive here in Northeast Ohio increases and continues to increase until the beginning of March.

New customers report hearing noises in their attic, seeing droppings in their kitchen or basement and in some cases, items chewed inside their garage.

These are common reports for pest control companies that deal with rodents as part of their service in the winter. There are a few things that you can do to help keep rodents out of your home and avoid having to deal with a big infestation. First, always look around your air conditioner on the exterior of your home. Where the line comes into the home through the siding or brick A/C technicians will plug the exterior of the entry point with a plumbers putty. As time goes on, that putty becomes brittle, and chunks fall off the line making a perfect entry point for mice to gain access.

This is the number one place mice get into homes when people call us for help. The second place is inside the garage. We always recommend putting traps or bait boxes on the corners of the floor by the main door to help stop mice from entering the main part of the home. And lastly check to make sure the outer edge of the dryer vent is sealed off. Mice like to squeeze around the opening of the vent to gain access to a basement. Leaving snap traps or glue boards in the basement on the box sill above the dryer is a good place to catch anything current in the home as you seal off the exterior to stop further entry into the home. These are a few things to address when trying to avoid a rodent problem at your home.

As always, if you need help with a pest issue give us a call at 234-571-1203 and we would be glad to help. Dave.

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