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Year after year the number one call we get from homeowners is spiders. Horror movies and an unexpected experience with them tend to make people afraid of them. There are many myths about spiders (such as people swallowing them in their sleep) that are not true and that adds to the cringe level of this pest. The fact is most types of spiders found in the United States pose no threats to humans at all. Having said that most people do not want spiders inside their home, and we understand that.

Protecting your property from these pests is very important so call Prevention Pest Control for a free inspection and let us take away the stress of having these unwanted pests.
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The Wolf Spider

The most common spiders that we deal with are the Wolf Spider, the Long-Bodied Cellar Spider (daddy-long-legs) and the common House Spider. The Black Widow and Brown Recluse are in our area as well but the number of actual encounters with them pales in comparison to the other three that we will focus on here.

The Wolf Spider is dark brown with paler stripes, and they have long spiny legs. They are normally large and hairy making It the scariest looking spider in our area. They do not hunt with webs like most spiders, they will chase down their prey using their fast-running ability. When people encounter them in a garage or basement, they will see them scurrying across the floor which can be a bit unsettling.

Long-Bodied Cellar Spider

The Long-Bodied Cellar Spider is a pale yellow to a light brown in color and has long skinny legs attached to a small body. You will find them in corners of the basement, garage, shed and closets because they prefer high humidity and moisture.

House Spider

The House Spider are often yellow brown in color and their abdomen is elongated making them very visible. You will find this spider around light sources that attract food sources as well as spinning webs on windows and under eaves.

Prevention Pest Control has a treatment to solve spiders at your home. We will power spray the exterior of the home eliminating the pest from the property before they have a chance to enter the structure. We can also treat inside the garage and basement helping with control for spiders that have already made their way inside the home.
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