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Wood Destroying Insects

  • By Dave Novak
  • 2-20-2023

Always have a WDI inspection done by a pest control company on a home you are about to purchase.

When buying a home, it is always a smart idea to have a home inspection done once your offer is accepted by the seller. There are many reasons to do a home inspection – a few are to make sure the house is in good shape, identify components that need repair like a furnace or roof, and to avoid costly repairs that the seller could take care of before you take ownership of the home.

Along with having a home inspection done you should always have what most people refer to as a termite inspection or a WDI. WDI stands for wood destroying insect and includes termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, reinfesting wood boring beetles including powder post beetles – it’s basically any insect that will do damage to wood. In the state of Ohio you have to be licensed in pest control and obtain a separate category for WDI – 10B -to perform this inspection. There is a form that is used - NPMA-33 - where any activity or signs of a wood destroying insect is marked and any recommendations for treatment will be noted.

So why is it so important to do a WDI along with a home inspection? Well first is the cost – on average a WDI inspection is between $99 and $150 depending on the location and size of the home. So, if the home needs treated for termites it could range between $800 and $3000 depending on the linear footage of the home – making the cost of the inspection minimal in the scope of what needs to be done. On most deals depending on how the agents write them up, the seller would be responsible for having a treatment done – so the cost of the inspection is way worth it. Second if it’s wintertime and the inspector notices carpenter bee exit holes on some wood trim on exterior of the home, you now have a heads up that in April when the temperatures rise that that will be something to watch out for and treat before any further damage is done. The inspector can show you possible problems that may pop up later down the road such as bushes too close to the home creating moisture problems which can lead to carpenter ant issues, scrap wood or a decaying wood pile that is not far enough away from the house making it a good place to find a termites – the inspection is a way to spotlight what is an issue at the time of the inspection and what to look out for in the future. When I do a WDI inspection, if I notice an entry point where mice could enter the home I will point that out to the customer even though I am only there looking for wood destroying insects. If I am in a neighborhood that is known for large activity of stinging insects say in August, I will let them know so they keep an eye out – these are all reasons why doing a WDI inspection is worth the cost when buying a home

So once again, hire a pest control company to do your WDI inspection. Dealing with wood destroying insects is what we do day in and day out so trust a professional that has the right experience for the job.

And remember, an ounce of Prevention is all it takes for a pest free home!

As always, if you need help with a pest issue give us a call at 234-571-1203 and we would be glad to help. Dave.

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